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About Us


About Niemi Vietnam

Founded in 2007, Niemi Vietnam manufactures modern yard furniture in Southeast Asia.

Cape Vietnam's own 6,000-square-meter factory is located in Binh Duong Province, the office and exhibition space are in Ho Chi Minh City.

Niemi Vietnam has customers all over the world, and for them, the products leave in containers by sea from the port of Ho Chi Minh.

The frame material of the yard furniture is mainly aluminum. Aluminum profiles are cut, bent and welded. The body is powder coated, after which the product is finished with polyrotting, teak or string. The products are delivered with seat and back cushions.

The Niemi Vietnam plant adheres to a responsible corporate culture and respects its personnel - just like any other company in the family.

Niemen Tehtaat Oy

Founded in 1898, Niemen Tehtaat continues the carpentry tradition in the fourth generation. The family business is the oldest and one of the largest Finnish furniture manufacturers.

Domestic design, CNC-controlled woodworking machines and the use of high-quality materials create a solid foundation for the company's operations. The company believes in know-how, quality and tenacious work. It is characteristic of Niemi Tehtaat that the company and its products are able to transform according to the requirements of the times.

Today, the collection consists of home furniture, kindergarten and office furniture. Large project deliveries to the marine industry are also part of Niemi Factory's operations.

Niemen Tehtaat's production facilities are located in Sastamala, Finland.

Cape factories

Niemen Tehtaat serves consumer customers in the online store www.niementehtaat.fi

For the online store, Niemen Tehtaat has created a completely different unique collection, which is only available from the online store. A large part of the collection is made up of classic models made in the past years and put back into production. The modern and practical collection includes the furniture needed for every Finnish home.

The collection consists of familiar products made by the company, such as Classic and Unipuu beds and furniture from the Gustav series, but the ever-growing collection also includes sofas, storage furniture, dining groups and beds.

A large part of Niemen Tehtaat's products are manufactured now and in the future in Finland. Products manufactured elsewhere complement Niemi Tehtaat's total offering.




Niemen Tehtaat serves retailer and project customers under the ByNiemi brand www.byniemi.fi. Under the international name ByNiemi, both the home furniture distributor collection and project-side furniture solutions are designed and manufactured. ByNiemi has been supplying furniture to Finnish furniture stores, kindergartens, schools, nursing homes and offices for years.

ByNiemi Home Appliances is designed in close cooperation with retailers. The design of the collection utilizes the distributor's expertise in customer needs and the expertise of Niemen Factory from product design to manufacturing.

Project-oriented solutions emphasize customer orientation. Individual furniture solutions are always implemented according to the customer's needs and wishes. The entire process from product design to manufacture is successful - without forgetting professional installation, maintenance and repair. Niemen Tehtaat has manufactured several cabin furniture projects for luxury cruise ships sailing the world's seas.




Founded in 2012, Niemi Sofa manufactures sofas and other upholstered furniture in the Tallinn area of ​​Estonia. The customers are Nordic furniture chains, project operators and the maritime industry.

The collection consists of Scandinavian sofas and armchairs. The collection also includes soft furniture for kindergartens, schools and nursing homes.

Upholstery fabrics meet even the strictest standards of customers. For example, fire-rated and moisture-proof products are available that meet the safety, strength and durability requirements for public use.

Niemi Sofa's production is flexible and is able to fulfill the individual wishes of each customer.


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